Nie ufasz nam, zaufaj naszym klientom.

  • Pyszne jedzenie i wspaniala obsluga :)

  • You're simply the best, better than all the rest :))

  • Too good

  • Usually your food and delivery are good. But for my last order done on 20th Nov 2020, the delivery took about 2 hrs. But the food also were not upto the mark. Please do take a note of that.

  • Pyszne jedzenie, szybka dostawa. Polecam :)

  • Jak zawsze niezawodni.

  • Super pyszne

  • Good service


  • Loving the food here. But please read the order notes if I ask for it hotter please.

  • 100 zł za dwa dania i dwa kawałeczki mięsa w każdym do tego miska ryży.

  • Zawsze super. Mango curry...the Best!

  • Polecam!

  • Perfect as usual. Praise be to the Methi and Makhani Paneer!

  • Wspaniała restauracja.
    Pyszne jedzenie.
    I przemiła obsługa.
    Mango lassi - nieziemskie.

  • Must taste place in Warsaw

  • Swietna obsluga, pyszne jedzenie, polecam goraco!

  • Superb chicken tandoori and Dosa's!

  • Nice combination of spices.

  • Bardzo smaczne jedzenie

  • Niestety nie było dołączone Mango Lassi :(

  • Jak zawsze - super!

  • Jak zawsze bardzo dobrze, polecam.

  • Everything was perfect... chef takes care about test and quality of food which makes you best indian restaurant in town🥰

  • Food was nice and delivery was on time.

  • Wszystko było ok :)

  • Stosunek jakosci do ceny oceniamy na trzy gwiazdki. Nie byliśmy w pełni zadowoleni.

  • Best Indian in town

  • Restauracja i jedzenie super, ale ponad godzina opóźnienia przy zamówieniu online.

  • The food was delicious and arrived on time, but also received delivery of someone else, I had to call the other guy and ask him to pick it up. Not the first time the delivery was messed up hence 3 star for online order evaluation, hopefully this improves.

  • Wszystko było ok.

  • All good but the website showed I'd get a free mango lassi, which I did not get.

  • Their order is never complete. It happened to me second time in a row. Is it a way to make profit from the orders?

  • Can't get bored with India Gate! Love it

  • If there is any afterlife, it must be full of Paneer Methi and Paneer Makhani!!!

  • Super jedzenie, najlepsza indyjska restauracja w jakiej bylem

  • OK guys, real talk - THE GARLIC PICKLE IS AMAZING!!!!

  • I keep craving more! Solution? Order more and indulge leftovers =)

  • Great food, always comforting

  • By mistake I ordered personal pickup instead of delivery, but there was no need to worry - India Gate came to the rescue. After I called I not only did recieve my delivery, but it was still delicious, warm, and even had the amazing immunity booster lime pickle <3 Thank you IndiaGate for once again saving the day - and my date :)

  • Love India Gate

  • Thank you for the lime pickle! What an intense tiny pickle. Great immunity booster from the best Indian takeout in Warsaw <3!

  • Love India Gate

  • no responce from the restaurant after placing order from website at night.

  • Brak

  • Every now and then I fool myself thinking "let's try another Indian place, it will be just as great"... WRONG! I always come running right back to IndiaGate for some sweet sweet spicy Paneer Methi and Paneer Makhani. There can be only one champion. INDIA GATE YOU ARE SPECIAL <3

  • I shall devote my life to learn how to cook at least partially as good as India Gate staff cooks!

  • It's insane how much joy this food brings to the world. This is my happy place <3

  • The food here is so good it's insane! It's addictive!

  • W dowozie w przypadku dań z baraniną porcje są dość małe (ilość mięsa do ceny).

  • The best Indian food in the World!

  • bylo przepysznie !

  • The Best Indian

  • w końcu indyjska knajpa w stolicy, która nie oszukuje na dodatkowo platnym ryzu albo naan. Do wyboru za 0zl i dodatkowy dodatkowo platny. Da sie? Da sie. A jedzenie? Bajka. Grzech nie sprobowac.